Writing samples available upon request.

Kirk Wood Bromley
Freelance Writer / Ghostwriter / Web Content Creator
New York City | 646-552-4754

I have been writing for a wide array of clients for over twenty years. In that time, I have written, ghost-written and/or published full-length books, speeches, magazine articles, annual reports, grants, blog entries, newsletters, brochures, websites, franchise agreements, feasibility studies, business plans, policy papers, study materials and exercises, resumes, lesson plans, network overviews, textbooks, op-eds, position and theory papers, editorials, advertisements, market analyses, mission statements, press releases, culture reviews, manifestos, and various research documents on numerous topics.

In addition, I have taught writing at Stanford University, The New York Business School, Monroe College, The National Book Foundation Summer Camp at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, and Trinity School (NYC). Further, my writing projects have provided me with extensive experience in Internet marketing, social media campaigns, web site development and e-newsletter systems.

If you are looking for a writer, my style is adaptable, my grammar impeccable, my specialties diverse, my delivery punctual, my research alacritous, and my reliability absolute.


Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison – Graduated in August 1989. During my studies, I took courses in Latin, Spanish, German, English, Philosophy, Psychology, History, Economics, and Sociology. Extracurricular activities included studying French, Political Science, and Musicology, as well as developing my interest in writing and translating.


06/’10 – Present
Various Foreign Diplomats and Political Leaders

Since June 2010 I have written a variety of speeches for various major global political leaders and foreign diplomats. These speeches have been presented at The United Nations, The Council on Foreign Relations, Oxford University, Rice University’s Baker Institute, several foreign embassies, and more. Due to privacy contracts, names may only be provided upon signing of confidentiality agreement.

09/’12 – Present
The Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

I am currently the ghostwriter for a faculty member of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. As such, I have written opinion editorials that have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN.com, The Guardian, Foreign Policy, and more. I have also written major policy analysis papers on the Middle East and global energy markets. Due to a privacy contract, the name may only be provided upon signing of confidentiality agreement.

10/’10 – Present
Sarah White Consulting

I have provided a host of writing and consulting services to this online therapist’s website, brand expansion, and intellectual reputation. I ghostwrote her self-help book, The Arousal Plan; wrote all texts for her website and marketing materials; ghostwrote thought pieces; and worked with her on press releases, one of which gained her a spot in the opening monologue of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

06/’99 – Present
Various Websites

Since 1999 I have worked with over forty websites to create site content, marketing materials, E-newsletters, and affiliate programs. My clients have included everything from Broadway producers to famous actors to world-renowned painters to top erotic photography sites. A full list can be furnished upon request, and some of the sites can be seen at www.bromleycommunications.com/web.

10/’15 – 02/’16
The Essam and Dalal Obaid Foundation

This Switzerland-based global charitable foundation specializing in medical and humanitarian funding had me write their website text, press releases, and a successful proposal for a $1 million collaboration with the CNN Freedom Project, a one-year media campaign to fight human trafficking.

02/’15 – 05/’15
ember Lifestyle Management

I helped edit the first issue of this UAE-based concierge company’s high-end product catalogue, ELITE, and I wrote text for their website, www.ember.ae.

01/’13 – 01/’14
The Plant – A Yonkers, NY Cultural Center

I worked directly with founder Lela Goren and wrote numerous texts for The Plant, an abandoned power plant (built by the same firm that designed Grand Central Terminal) that’s being historically restored into a cultural center in Yonkers, NY, on the shore of the Hudson River and is due to open in 2020. These texts included a major site-expansion RFP, press releases, a World Monuments Fund Watch application, brochures and a website. The RFP I wrote helped secure a grant for a $6 million piece of expansion property.

04/’13 – 06/’13
Norton Reader Series

In collaboration with NYU professor and top-selling author, Gary Marcus, I ghostwrote a chapter for the Norton Reader Series on Psychology, of which Dr. Marcus was the editor.

11/’09 – 07/’15
Academic Consulting

Largely in tandem with Jeddah Private Schools in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I have worked with nearly forty students in crafting well-written essays.

09/’99 – 06/’09
The Gracia Group

Besides helping formulate the primary philosophy of and promotional materials for The Gracia Group, a company that specializes in research and writing projects for individuals, businesses, and government agencies, I researched, wrote and ghostwrote a number of large projects for their clients.

Saudi Arabian Reform – This 140 page document was written for the Saudi Embassy in London and it covered the last four years of reform within the Kingdom. Five writers and researchers worked under me.

Sino-Saudi Relations – In collaboration with various top-level political and business analysts, I co-wrote this document for the Pentagon’s Bureau of Net Assessment, run by Dr. Andrew W. Marshall. The subject matter involved the coming rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and China and the economic, political, and strategic impact this will have on US foreign and energy policy over the next 20 years.

OPEC: The Future of a Cartel – I worked as a writer and researcher on an in-depth analysis of OPEC’s history, policies, place in the global market, and future potential for interested share-holders.

Bahrain Feasibility Study – I wrote this 35 page Bahrain Market-Entry Feasibility Study for Phoenix Consulting.

Analysis of Bahrain/Iran Conflict and Possibilities for Mediation Through Human Needs Theory – This 100-page in-depth analysis of the political, social, and economic conflicts existing between Bahrain and Iran and suggestions for mediation techniques that utilize the concepts of Human Needs Theory was written for an individual client involved in the field of international relations.

Democracy and the Internet in the 2000 Senatorial Elections – I researched and wrote this 90 page in-depth analysis of the 2000 senatorial elections, the way in which the Internet was used in by the candidates, and the effects this use had on the democratic process for an individual client.

09/’09 – 10/’09

I blogged in the Life and Style section of Tonic.com.

11/’07 – 12/’08
Donald Whittaker, Architect

I edited and refined the text for www.donaldwhittaker.com, a website dedicated to the architecture and design of “Design Guy, Donald Whittaker.”

09/’04 – 12/’04

In collaboration with SimpleCare’s founder, Dr. Vern Cherewatenko, I created texts for SimpleCare’s website, standardized emails, and marketing pieces. I also created a monthly newsletter for the site and streamlined their customer relations operations as well as instituted various structural changes to increase membership.

06/’04 – 07/’05
Stanford University

For two consecutive years I taught playwriting at Stanford University in the summer Discovery Institute.

04/’04 – 06/’04
Alpha Books

In association with Ron Louis, author of How To Succeed With Women, I co-wrote the Pocket Idiot’s Guide to the Kama Sutra.

03/’03 – 10/’05
Hegre Magazine

HEGRE Mag was an international 132 page glossy magazine published by Robert Gabor, in Baden-Baden, Germany. It is dedicated to the artistry of the photographic nude, and as its main writer, I wrote most of the first issue – product and book reviews, erotic stories, interviews, masthead and ad text, captions, essays, editorial content, and more.

07/’02 – 10/’04
Men’s Magazine Articles

I’ve written feature articles in POV Magazine, YNOT News, and Rash Magazine on various “men’s issues.”

06/’02 – 08/’05
Master Productions

As the lead writer for this web-publishing company, I created a large number of documents, including general website text, annual reports, press releases, newsletters, E-cards, customer support documents, legal disclaimers, E-zine content (stories, interviews, reviews, etc.), marketing materials, technical manuals, promotional brochures, etc.

03/’02 – 04/’03

I helped create and edit the business plan for the RateMy Network, which still operates RateMyFace.com, a forerunner of Tinder. In addition, I wrote a weekly advice column for them entitled Primalo – The Luv Doctor. Yes, I’m serious.

05/’01 – 06/’02
The Saudi Review

For over a year I wrote a monthly article entitled “Events and Effects” in which the most important global events of the month in terms of their effects on Saudi Arabia were discussed and analyzed.

05/’00 – 02/’07
Various Theater Reviews

I’ve written reviews, essays and articles on theater for various websites, including TheaterMania.com, NYTheatre.com, and Backstage.com.

01/’00 – 12/’00
Maricopa Community Colleges

I edited and rewrote The History and Hop of Maricopa Community Colleges for MCC, the largest community college district in the country.

08/’96 – 02/’02

As a writer for this research organization, I wrote essays, reports, and manuals for individuals and companies. Subjects included English literature, Middle Eastern, Asian, and North American politics, international relations, conflict resolution, general business, marketing, management, company analysis, education, history, medicine, psychology, philosophy, religion, and law.

03/’00 – 06/’00
Holt, Rinehart & Winston

I created study materials for educational textbooks at a high school level.

06/’93 – 08/’96
Forest Laboratories

As Assistant to the Director of Marketing for this leading pharmaceutical firm, I assisted in all areas of marketing of pharmaceutical products, including typing, filing, writing, editing, accounting, market research, ad review, convention planning, and sales staff organization.

10/’90 – 06/’93
New York Business School

I taught classes in grammar, composition, reading, word processing, resume writing, interviewing, typing, communications, and spreadsheet construction and analysis.

08/’95 – Present
Various Teaching Stints

I taught twice (2000 and 2001) at the National Book Foundation’s Summer Writer’s Camp at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, and I conducted short seminars or gave lectures in writing at SUNY-Purchase, Los Angeles Community College, Monroe College, Trinity School (NYC), and Fringe U. (New York International Fringe Festival Seminar Program).

06/’95 – Present
Various Grants/Mission Statements

I have assisted several non-profit performance groups in writing grants and mission statements, including Inverse Theater Company, Bas Bleu Productions, and The Performance Club, founded by Claudia La Rocco, former critic for The New York Times.

06/’90 – Present

I have written 30 full-length verse plays, and I am the playwright and Artistic Director of Inverse Theater, a NYC company dedicated to producing my plays that I founded and run. I have also had numerous plays produced and commissioned by the following: The New York Historical Society (NY), Sacred Fools (LA), FoolsFury (SF), Foundry Theatre (NYC), SUNY-Purchase (Purchase, NY), Gorilla Repertory Theatre (NYC), and Legend Productions (NYC and London). Inverse Theater was named “Best Downtown Theater Company 2001” by the New York Press; I received a Berrilla Kerr Playwriting Excellence Award in 2001; in the 2003 NY Fringe Theater Festival I won an “Excellence in Lyrics” Award for my musical, Lost, and in the 2006 NY Fringe Theater Festival I won an “Excellence in Playwriting” Award for my play, The American Revolution.


Copy-editing, WordPress, Power Point presentations, Excel spread sheets, graphs, and charts, Internet-based research specialist with various passwords to and proficiency in data libraries, type 100 wpm, intermediate reading knowledge of German, French, and Spanish. I enjoy mountain climbing, reading poetry or philosophy, and playing guitar.